Thursday, July 19, 2007

post# 13 - let's talk about the freaks (incomplete)

this is an unedited and incomplete article im writing for a magazine that will be released this coming september:

the bearded-lady, the fatman and the obscene midget have been staple attractions in the carnivals of the past. they have been objects of fascination and awe. their unsual attributes have been reasons for gawking and pointing and general name-calling.

they are freaks, and as such, carry the burden of ridicule for going against the norms of society.
the woman with a hairlip, the obese man and the child afflicted with dwarfism carry the same cross. these individuals offend our aesthetics, and as such are victims of teasing and degradation.

we are all guilty of being carnival-goers (whether in part or by association). we look down and stare and comment on people who due to bad genetics or unhealthy living have gone against our norms of beauty. on the other hand, we might be the carnival attraction. at one point or another, we could have been on the receiving end of these vicious barbs and downright cruel commentary, simply because we didn't quite meet the standard.

who determines the aesthetics by which we judge or are judged? who taught us to live by this system of merit or demerit? these questions have answers as numerous and various as the spectrum colors one encounters at the carnival. mass media, family, friends have all contributed to how we view the freaks that surround us. our opinions are shaped by all these factors and we choose to live by them.

in naming the freak, we separate ourselves from them and affirm our normalcy. in calling them freaks, we designate our persons with the norm. it is simply letting them be the freak and not us. in recognizing their freakishness, we excuse ourselves from judgement. there is no justice in that and we know it. we propagate this line of thought so as to allow ourselves the comfort of being called normal.

we fear the ridicule, the judgement, the label.

well... that's it. as of the moment, i cant really think of how to continue it or end it.... hahahaha


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