Wednesday, May 02, 2007

post# 9 - my thoughts on boredom, the workings of superheroes and bit about donald duck

when you're bored out of your mind, have you ever wondered how others dealt with their boredom?

this question popped up in a conversation i had with a good friend of mine (let's refer to him as keggy [:p]) a couple of nights ago. it's been stuck with me since then. i find it extremely hard to deal with boredom - i've done a lot of things to abate the emptiness of having absolute nothing to do. i've spent insane amounts of money. i've jogged and swam to pass the time. i've started THIS damn thing.

and well... what do you do? how on earth do you cope with it? regardless of whatever it is you do, i have this one suggestion (mostly inspired by keggy):
bored people should come up with a system that allows them to contact other bored individuals within the vacinity. with this in place, it should help everyone in the world abate the proliferation of boredom.

i know this is a medyo stupid (meaning retarded) suggestion. but how else would i pass the time??? and, do others think about this? i mean, if we're all bored and thinking about how bored we are and wondering how others are spending their time, shouldn't we just all hang out and stop being bored together???haha

another thing keggy brought up recently is how some superheroes could never work in manila or in the philippines in general.

for example, spiderman (the third installment apparently sucks though, according to my professor's friends) could never efficiently fight crime here in manila due to the lack of tall skyscrapers. he'd couldn't swing from building to building in order to kick butt anymore... he'd be limited to makati and ortigas... and wherever else there's a clump of tall enough edifices.

then there's batman and his batmobile. what would be the point of having a 1000hp car that has flames spouting out from its behind in EDSA traffic??? he could make a batchopper or something.. but then where would he land it, right?

oh! and what about aquaman, would he survive the polluted waters of manila bay or the pasig river??? he'd die within minutes - poor fellow.

i suppose there's no real room for DC superheroes here in the philippines. i guess we'll just have to settle for captain barbel and darna. how sad...

and then one thing that's been bothering me for ages -

you know how donald duck goes out in public in that blue sailor-type shirt and nothing else? i mean he's basically exposing his nether regions to all the planet... and yet, when he steps out of the shower, he has a towel around his waist? now, why is that???

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Mooshie said...



the BATMAN does have a chopper...

the DARK KNIGHT doesn't need a chopper...

harharhar :))