Tuesday, April 17, 2007

post #5 - let us mourn in our sophomore year

well, i'm back in school... so i'm not that bored anymore. but i don't think i've ever been so sad either.
so many of my friends are gone. others have graduated, some have left of their own accord and others have been kicked out without a second chance.
it's times like this that remind me of how fickle life is. and how so much can change in the span of a few weeks. worlds have been upheaved and yet, here i am... i think mostly unchanged.
i wish for change. for some sort of renewal or revitalization... but at the same time i'm scared. i enjoy my life as it is. i am comfortable in it.
i'm not making much sense. i'm still spinning and completely disorientated with what has happened in these few weeks.


fr@ncelle said...

and that is why, momma, we are going to be standards. :)

ManMan said...

Unfortunately that's how the worlds is; unforgiving, almost unbearable and unmerciful... :(