Monday, April 09, 2007

post #4 - the beauty of fiction

we all desire things that we do not have. we like to dream of having more than what we have. we come up with ways to imitate the experiences that escape our grasps. in our frustration to achieve what we do not have, we grope about and attempt to create facsimiles that might somehow fill the voids within all of us.

in our desperation to fulfill our desires, we have invented art and all of derivations, such as fiction.

fiction has given man an avenue to express what cannot be for him. fiction is essentially the manisfestations of our unattainable visions and aspirations. it is the easiest way we can live our dreams. this is our attempt at living what is truly beyond us.

but let us not be dismayed by such a thought. becuase not only does fiction allow us to live what we cannot reach, it also allows us to somehow concretize what we have trouble grasping. ummm.... it's like fiction exists so that we may always be aware of we do not have so that we won't stop trying to attain it - even if it might not ever come to pass. it's just comforting to be able to know there is something to reach for.

these semblances of our dreams give us hope for something better and brighter. it reminds us that there is so much in life; hence, we should not stop... should not settle for what we already have.

haha... another, weird entry...

i think this is the purpose of this blog - for me vent out all these weird ideas in my head in the hopes that someone might read it and understand what i'm talking about...

oh! the point i've been trying to put across is this - fiction or art in general is both a beacon of hope for us and the biggest let down becuase it reminds us of the possibilities that have escaped us.


Emmanuel said...

I can totally relate to that! I dont know if its the same but thats like the logic in playing a videogame. Di ko nga lang sure kung relevant ang sinasabi ko haha. :)

Mooshie said...

You always dream about what you can never have...


Mooshie ~(-.-)~