Wednesday, April 04, 2007

post #2 - take two, human memory

well, my first blog didn't turn out so well. and neither did my second try. i just kept on forgetting my sodding password. what a pain!

so here i am, again. with a new blog. i just hope i won't lose access to this as well....

well, a ym conversation with a good friend of mine made me think of a nice topic earlier; but that idea has totally left me because of the stress of forgetting my password. and the fact that i forgot my own password is something really stupid. i was just totally balnk. i couldn't think of any one particualr string of letters that could possibly be my password. i mean, i thought i used my usual password. i could have sworn in used that particular password - but for some reason i apparently typed something else...something totally alien to my fingers (which would type out my usual password automatically).

anyway, back to the subject of my forgotten idea from the ym conversation... it really bothers me how i can't remember what we talked about only a few hours ago. i mean, i remember this feeling of awe, of sudden inspiration. i remember thinking i would write something witty and entertaining about this. i remember feeling excitement and gratitude... but i just can't remember what caused this elation.

it's funny actually when u think about it. i mean, i remember almost everything that preceeded and followed this "remembered" ephiphany - but the idea itself. i'm pretty suree this has happened once or twice to you already. it's pretty frustrating to be able to recall everything but remain unable ti grasp the true gist of the experience. for example, i can vividly recall the strong musky scent of my granddad, the feel of his wrinkly hands in my own and the raspy voice that gave off such a clear laugh. i remember these details about him... and nothing else.

does this inability to take hold of the essence of the memory for incidents like this, reflect how we (as inviduals) remember? do we forget the really important why's, how's and what's - the stuff that made you remember the event in the first place; but remember the little things...

or perhaps, it is our perception that is askew. perhaps, what we perceive to be the substance of a memory is not really what is essential. perhaps it is the minute details (that make these memories our own...something special to us) that really matter.

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ManMan said...

Its the little things that make the important things all the more worthwhile. :)

P.S. Don't worry I'll make you part of the little things, so I wont forget you; But that'll be a real hard task for me because you so important to me XD