Wednesday, April 04, 2007

post #1 - ruminations on friendships

why is it that some friends manage to stay friends for years and years without having to see each other... while others just drift apart after a short time away from each other?

i know that not all friendships were built to last. but how can we work on keeping the connections that we want? can't we choose which friends we get to keep?

i find that friends are very random. i mean, we don't really know for sure which people become our friends, our enemies and whatever subgroups exist between them. someone once told me that friendship is an effort... well, i disagree. a friendship can be measured by the inverse relationship between effort and closeness of so-called friends. the less effort exerted the better. i mean, i think the best friendships are those that require the least effort and problem-solving because friends just get each other. there is no need to hav to work out non-existent issues.

gawd... what a way to start a blog...

this is such a dull entry. i can't help it though. i mean, i have known this one girl since i was three years old. we've been friends ever since. we don't spend much time together but for some reason when we do hang out we just fit efortlessly. unlike this other friend of mine who i have just known for a little over a year - we constantly have to work our schedules and stuff... its impossible to really enjoy what time we spend together because we are so pinched for time...

gawd.. i'm divulging rather personal stuff already. hahaha

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